Tell the story behind your movie

From development to the red carpet, we create amazing behind the scenes content. We help you share the artistry behind your production, creating anticipation for your film and reaching investors.

Every production has a unique story to tell.

Document and share the effort behind what makes your film special.

We know our way around the set

From indie award-winning short films to multi-million dollar Hollywood productions, we know the ins and outs of professional movie production.

Small crew, big stories

We know how important it is to keep the people on set to a minimum. We capture your story and are never in the way of production.

Years of experience

From NDA's to security handoff protocols, we're ready to comply to confidentiality requirements and data management contracts.

BTS ideas we have for you


Show unique personalities among your crew and their unique/interesting/fascinating process. From prop master to animal handler.

Testimonials of artists and production crew

Testimonials of cast and crew are a perfect way to drive people toward what made your production unique.

Red carpet coverage

From your movie opening at a Film Festival, or the red carpet premiere, we'll help you share the celebration of years of hard work with your audience.

Production diary to complete funding

A production diary BTS has proven to be an original and effective way to update your investors and find new prospects to complete the funding of your movie.

Amazing Time-lapses

Reveal the magic trick and artsy of stop motion productions or see your set construction grow into a beautiful location.

Audience Testimonials

Expand your audience by sharing early screening moviegoers reviews.

Movie Trailer

We extract the major themes, set-pieces and emotional moments that make your movie unique, to create a powerful trailer that your desired audience will want to share.


Their knowledge of film production is truly specialized. It's extremely difficult to find someone with that unique expertise

Ricardo Del RioProducer: Kill Bill V.02, Fast & Furious, Nacho Libre, Little Boy

“Pietro’s behind the scenes documentation of the production process illustrated in a palpable way the value to investors. More than just words on investment documents, the sounds and imagery brought our work to life and generated excitement and enthusiasm from both existing and potential investors.”

Mitch HesleyCFO, Metanoia Films

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